Saint Lucia Soca Monarch – Driving Streaming Success

Dynamic Performances Impact Streaming

The Saint Lucia Soca Monarch competition continues to serve as a pivotal platform for boosting visibility and streaming activity within the Soca music genre, captivating audiences both locally and internationally. This event highlights the transformative impact of dynamic performances in propelling songs into the spotlight and expanding their reach.

2024 Saint Lucia Groovy Soca Monarch Winners.

  1. Damn Proud Lucian (Sly)
  2. Seven Times (Arthur Allain)
  3. Just Your Turn (Ricky T)
  4. Money (Imran Nerdy)

2024 Saint Lucia Power Monarch Winners.

  1. Look Something To Talk About (Ricky T)
  2. Beyoutiful (Ezra)
  3. Better Than Them (Bronxx, Mata, Ricky T)
  4. Start D Party (Imran Nerdy)

Ricky T’s victorious track, “Look Something To Talk About,” secured the Saint Lucia Power Soca Monarch title for an impressive 23rd time, underscoring the power of a winning performance. Following the competition, the song made a notable debut on the Apple Music (Reggae) Chart, propelled by Ricky T’s commanding stage presence and victory.

Similarly, “Better Than Them” by Ricky T, Bronxx & Mata, made its mark following a strong performance at the event, debuting on the Apple Music (Reggae) chart on July 9th at #156.

Prior to the Soca Monarch competition, Ricky T’s “Just Your Turn” dominated the Apple Music (Reggae) Chart in Saint Lucia, showcasing its popularity even prior to the event. 

Meanwhile, Imran Nerdy’s “Money,” which secured 4th place, saw a surge in popularity among Lucian listeners, climbing from #184 to #35 on the Saint Lucia Apple Music (Reggae) chart post-competition

On the Apple Music (World) Chart in Saint Lucia, the competition saw a close race between “Beyoutiful” and “Start D Party”, with the latter gaining a slight edge. Impressively, “Start D Party” also garnered significant Spotify streams, resonating strongly with global audiences.

Sly’s triumph in the Groovy Soca Monarch category is a testament to both patriotism and showmanship. Sly’s winning track emerged from relative obscurity to make waves on the Apple Music chart, similar to “Money”, which climbed from #161 to #5.

Previously reigning Groovy Soca Monarch, Arthur Allain, competed with “Seven Times.” This track showed promise on Spotify leading up to the competition, although it initially lagged on the Apple Music (World) chart. Post-competition, “Seven Times” surged from #166 to #17, illustrating the competition’s role in boosting visibility and streaming for Soca music.

It’s clear that events like the Saint Lucia Soca Monarch competition are instrumental in elevating awareness and streaming activity within the Soca music scene.

Congratulations to all of the winners. 

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