Sly’s Saint Lucia Groovy Soca Monarch Win Ignites Streaming Surge

Patriotism Wins

Released on March 4, 2024, Sly’s infectious anthem “Damn Proud Lucian” produced by Islands The Audio Labhas made waves across Saint Lucia and beyond. Initially entering the Apple Music (World) chart in Saint Lucia at a modest #162 on April 8, it steadily gained traction, intermittently surfacing in the Top 200 before making a significant climb. By June 28, the song vaulted to #79, signaling its burgeoning popularity. Just days before the Saint Lucia Soca Monarch event on July 3, it peaked at an impressive #18 on the Apple Music (World) Chart.

Since being crowned 2024 Saint Lucia Groovy Soca Monarch, “Damn Proud Lucian” has seen a surge in streaming on Apple Music, swiftly climbing to #6 on the World Chart on July 8. Such is its appeal that the track also infiltrated the broader Top 200 Apple Music (All Genres), on July 9th at #116.

The impact of winning the Soca Monarch Groovy Monarch title has catapulted Sly’s anthem from relative obscurity within Saint Lucia’s music streaming community to widespread recognition and burgeoning popularity. Lucians are embracing the anthem like never before, streaming and saving it on Apple Music at unprecedented levels, solidifying its status as a cultural sensation.

Check out your Saint Lucia 2024 Groovy Soca Monarch Sly, in action 

Here is the official video for Damn Proud Lucian

Stream Damn Proud Lucian here: 


Congratulations to Sly and everyone involved in this tune.

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