2022 Year-End Charts: Top 50

Each song in the Top 10 achieved +400k Spotify streams & hit the charts in at least 30 countries this year.

The Top 50 Soca songs worldwide for 2022 came from 30 different Soca Artists from across the Caribbean diaspora.  Their collective showcase of Soca Music generated nearly 20 million streams on Spotify this year and, reached over 100 countries around the world.

Trinidadians Patrice Roberts & Kes the Band lead the charts with Mind My Business & Liki Tiki (with J. Perry of Haiti) respectively.  Collectively these 2 songs earned over 30% of the total Spotify Streams of the Top 50. 

Although 50% of the artists on the Top 50 hail from the twin island republic of Trinidad & Tobago, the birthplace of Soca, there are notable highlights from a number of other countries.

Barbados for example is home to +15% of the Soca Artists on the Top 50, however amongst them in 2022 – they generated 30% of the Spotify streams coming from the Top 50 with most of that coming from Father Philis’ Face Beat & DJ Cheems’ Soca Start (with IQ).   

Other stand-out songs from 2022 included the breakout songs In the Water from Suhrawh & Chow Minister from Saint Vincent & the Grenadines & Dominica’s’ Arturo Bellot’s  Suckie Free Up.  

Adam O, the pride of the Virgin Islands contributed 2 songs to the Top 50 with Going Under Hot Gyal SZNSaint Lucia contributed 2 songs in Mottos’ Chicken and Rice and, the standout Ou Dou by Shemmy J & Edwin which was an instant hit during the Lucian Carnival season and beyond.  

Ricardo Drue hailing from Antigua & Barbuda also contributed 2 songs to the Top 50 off his recent Album Happy Music with Dear Beloved a collaboration with Turner and Tornado, quickly becoming a J’ouvert anthem.  Antiguan Tian Winter rounds out the Top 50 with Baddest, the most streamed song song on the Benna Riddim by Boogy Ranks to-date. 

A few notable songs just barely missed the list.  While they were heavily streamed in their native countries and throughout the Soca diaspora, their reach (and streaming power) was not as far and wide. 

We can see from the chart distribution that although the majority of songs on the Top 50 list had more than 50k Spotify streams, the average of the songs in the Top 50 had at least 100k Spotify streams this year. 

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