Holiday season is upon us.

Who doesn't love a holiday?!

According to the Cambridge dictionary a ‘Holiday’ is an official day when you do not have to go to work or school.  It is a day or period where you are free to do what you want; the time is typically set aside for festivals or recreation.

Holiday by Problem Child, released at the end of May off the Black Keys Riddim produced by Jus Jay King & Nelieux. is currently generating worldwide interest with its sound and lyrical content resonating with a wide audience. 

In just 3 months Holiday has already hit the charts in 46 countries on Apple Music & Itunes, placing the song among the Top 10 Soca songs for 2023 based on reach alone.  The Caribbean as expected is saturated with Holiday, accounting for 40% of the countries where the song charted (18), peaking at #1 on iTunes (All Genres) in Anguilla, Bahamas, Barbados, St. Kitts & Nevis. Africa accounts for 20% of the countries where the song charted.  On Aug 19 the song peaked at #1 in Zimbabwe on iTunes (All Genres) – with a population of nearly 16 million, this exposure provides a significant upside for the song and Artist.

On Spotify, Holiday has recently become one of only five (5) Soca songs this year to have generated over 70k Spotify streams in one week (over 10k streams per day). The other Soca songs that achieved this feat include some of the biggest songs of the year: Come Home, Jub Jub, Hard Fete and Like Yuh Self.

Holiday generated a significant boost of Spotify streams (53k) during the summer festival week which included Crop Over, Antigua and Toronto Carnivals.   However, it was during the week (Aug 20 – 27) leading up to Notting Hill Carnival that the song blazed its own path, generating nearly 80k streams, while the other Top Soca songs averaged nearly 50k Spotify streams each.  Since then, Holiday has continued to generate in excess of 10k streams per day on Spotify.  

The +200k Spotify streams Holiday generated in just 3 months, puts the song in Problem Child Top 15 songs streamed on Spotify – nestled between Crocodile (r. June 2021) and Just Dance with Machel Montano (r. Jan 2022).  This shows the tremendous strength of Holiday.  Nearly half of that +200k has come over the past 10 days (Aug 20-Aug 29) the song generated 109k Spotify streams and does not appear to be letting up.  This type of volume is reminiscent of Mind My Business by Patrice Roberts which generated approx. 150k Spotify streams in a seven (7) day period. 

Additional support for Holiday has been ignited by usage on the social tools.  On Instagram, over 8k Reels using the song Holiday has already been generated.  By comparison Hard Fete by Bunji Garlin with the most IG Reels of the top 2023 Soca songs, has 9k.  Holiday is again trending just slightly behind the Mind My Business daily rate of IG Reels usage with just under 100 per day.  On TikTok, one of the top sources of music discovery, there are countless videos and related views boosting the support for Holiday with a wide and diverse streaming audience far outside of the typical Soca core audience. 

As we are just a few days away from the United States Labor Day Holiday as well as the coming months with the worldwide holidays including Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Years Eve, Boxing Day, New Years Day, Chinese New Year and Yom Kippur the song provides a message that can appeal to most of the planet – and Problem Child encourages us to ‘sing along with me if you agree…Holiday, today is a holiday, I don’t care what nobody say, I not going to work today’ 

Enjoy the holiday!

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