He’s Warming Up!

Better yet, Adam O is ready, ready now!

At the start of the 2023 Soca season, Adam O already has 2 songs in the Soca Source weekly Top 20 charts, A Simple No (#5) by Anson Pro and Come Now Baby by Nikita Christmas (#8).  Adam also has 2 songs on the 2022 Year-End Global Top 50 charts, Going Under (#23) by Fryktion and Hot Gyal SZN (#35) by Cruzan Beats, Papo Productions and Don Iko – both of which have made it to Adam O’s Top 20 songs streamed on Spotify ever – at #9 and 10 respectively.

Hot Gyal SZN was a favorite in Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda and the British Virgin Islands, where the song peaked at #1, #4 and #10 on Apple Music (All Genres).  The song also peaked at #1 in Israel on iTunes (Reggae) in May 2022.  She Ready with Salty, produced by Samwick ‘Swick B’ Bruce landed at #1 in the Netherlands, also on iTunes (Reggae) in October 2022. 

Over the past 2 years, Adam O’s Spotify Monthly Listeners has grown nearly 4x.  We can see from the chart, significant increases came after January 2021 corresponding with the releases of both I Need produced by Miguel “Vibez Productionz’ Joseph & DSM The Agency and, Far Away by DJ Private Ryan. Another spike comes again, after Going Under and Hot Gyal SZN were released in 2022. 

Thirty-Five percent of songs Adam released in 2022 made it to his Top 20 Spotify songs (including Hot Topic with Rae, also produced by Miguel Joseph of Vibez Productionz and Stephen Phillip of DSM).  Another 6 are from 2021, while the rest are from 2020 and prior.  This shows that Adams new and current music is being streamed at a faster pace on average than his catalogue (songs > 2 years) – the only exception being Warming Up produced by AkaiiUsweet.  Released in 2019, Warming Up is still by far Adam O’s most streamed song on Spotify with nearly 1.5m streams.  

Since 40% of Adam O’s Top 20 songs were released between November and January – and prior years show that Jan to May is Adam O’s peak season.  There is a good chance that some of his current/new releases will also end up shifting his Top 20 by this time next year.  

He’s ready, ready now – ‘Island to island we know when you touch road’…

Check out Adam O’s Top 20 songs based on Spotify streams. 

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