Grammy Awards, the process.

An Independent Musicians Guide

The Grammy awards are much more than what is commonly shown/known from what is on TV.  There are many awards given across dozens of categories that aren’t shown on TV, many of which can be won by independent artists.


The Grammys is an American entertainment award given annually to outstanding achievements in the music industry.


Even a nomination can bring increased attention to your music.  Many musicians use the term “Grammy-nominated/winning artist” in their bio and press releases, adding some additional weight to their profile.


The Grammys are open to all credited artists (including featured artists).  Songwriters, producers, recording engineers, mixers and mastering engineers are eligible to have their music submitted once they meet three of the following criteria:

  • Release Date: Distributed between Oct. 1, 2022 and Sept 30, 2023
  • Length: Album recording must contain at least 5 different tracks with a total playing time of 15 minutes, or a total playing time of 30 minutes.  Singles have no requirement.
  • Format: Must be available for sale in physical stores, digital download or streaming platform.  Must meet the industry standard 16-bit, 44.1 kHz rates.  Each song must have complete metadata credits and ISRC (International Standard Recording Codes) for each track
  • Original material: An album must contain greater than 75 percent of newly recorded (within 5 years of release date) recordings that have not been released prior.

How to submit?

A recording must be entered by members of the Recording Academy who are either Professional or Voting members. 

To enter.

  • Entry: Submitted to the Recording Academy for Grammy consideration.  If the eligibility is met then it is included on that ballot that goes to voters.  
  • Nomination: The entries that receive the most votes are then nominated and placed in their respective categories.
  • Voters: Voting members are the only ones who vote on nominations from the pool of entries and the final awards.  Voting members vote on the General Field categories as well as up to 15 of the 84 distinct categories based on their specific expertise.  Soca in particular can be nominated under the new Global Performance category.
  • Voting Process: Occurs in 2 stages where industry experts can first nominate candidates for the shortlist, before then voting on the final list of nominees.

How to join the Recording Academy.

  • 2 recommendations from those in the music industry.
  • Once recommended, complete a profile of yourself and submit by March 1 for consideration for the 2023 class.  If your membership is approved, you’ll receive an invitation to join the Academy by June 30.
  • Invitations for membership must be approved by September and the first voting ballot opens in October and closes the first week in November.

Click here if you are a current member and would like to recommend a candidate.

If you are not a member of the Recording Academy but are actively contributing to music, click here.

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