How to Unwrap – Spotify Wrapped

November 30th year-end.

Spotify releases its Spotify Wrapped on Nov. 30th each year to reveal to the artists and consumers the top artists, songs and playlists from the prior year so effectively our music calendar year is Dec 1st – Nov 30th.

The Wrapped results are only available via the app which you can download here: Once you are in the app, the home screen will have an icon with “Your 2022 Wrapped is here” beneath your six most recent listens. 

The newest feature Artist should consider using is the “Your Artist Messages,” a short video feed, personalized to each listener; and the  “Spotlight” on merchandise and ticketing which allows artists to further monetize their brand.

The latest Wrapped feature that Music consumers are sharing is the music personality – which breaks down how you listen to music into the following categories:  “Specialist,” “The Replayer,” “Early Adopter,” “Voyager,” “Adventurer” or “Fanclubber.”   

Which music personality are you?

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