Music NFTs

A new way to invest in your favorite music & artists.

NFT stands for “Non-Fungible Token”.  This is just an “identifier” that cannot be copied or divided and is recorded in a blockchain to certify ownership.  Anything can be an NFT.

A music-NFT is just that – an NFT linked to music.  It can come as a single song, an entire album, a music video or otherwise.

In theory, NFT music distribution allows artists to sell even more directly to their fans, potentially eliminating some intermediaries and thereby increasing the artists’ revenue. In addition, artists with diehard fan bases can also release premium material with limited runs, including merchandise, visual art or even fan experiences.

Ahead of the curve, thus far in the Soca Music industry over the past year we have seen Klassik Frescobar & Rebel Muzic (rebelmuziknft) each put out a NFT – a sure signal signal of more to come. 

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