Dwala’s Flavour in Ya Ear!

Kickin' mad flavour in ya ear

His website says it all. Dwala’s Flavour can be described as a rich future island sound infused with a ‘global cosmopolitan energy’.  Neel Dhorajiwala aka Dwala is an accomplished musician, producer, composer, mixer and engineer of all things related to sound. 

While he has navigated inside a variety of genres across the music scene, he has found some sort of home-away-from home in Soca Music specifically and Caribbean vibes in general.

With well over 150 official releases with 60 different artists dating over 15 years, Dwala has traversed the musical landscape without boundaries.  It is as if the sounds are all related in some way, from the spiritual and yoga themed sounds, to California herb infused sessions, through to the reggae and dancehall scene, mixed in with the new Calypso and, the variations of Soca and other sounds emerging from the different island nations.  Dwala is touching them all.  However it is within the sound of Soca that Dwala has been able to combine his Indian & African heritage, London upbringing and Caribbean living effortlessly into a riddim of life!

During the first 10 years of his career, Dwala averaged 10 songs per year collecting on average 100k Spotify streams each.  Over the past 5 years Dwala upped his game, as not only is he increasing his average output to 15 songs per year but these new songs are averaging over 300k Spotify streams each.  Calculating return on investment in terms of output, a 50% increase in volume of work, has generated +200% increase in Spotify streams, and many of these songs are just getting started.  This speaks to Dwala’s growth as a musician and the quality of his contribution to the musical projects.

In the studio, Dwala has the versatility to wear many hats, however many of his biggest productions have come with him in the role of Soca Music Producer (Producer, Co-Producer or Vocal Producer) with Kes the Band. With contributions to the classic hits Savannah Grass and Like It Like This (with Patrice Roberts) and the recent blockbuster tracks Liki Tiki (with J. Perry) & Jolene – it is evident that the sounds of Dwala are ripe and sweet.  These four songs alone have generated nearly 15m Spotify streams which is over 40% of Dwala’s +34m in total Spotify streams to date.

Over the past 6 months, Dwala has continued to show his range, combining forces to make music not only with Kes the Band but also with the likes of Coutain, Brooklyn Decent and Kanis.  His most recent effort, the single Bidibam continues off the success of Liki Tiki, with J. Perry.  Based on his recent production averages, we can expect to hear a lot more Soca Music and otherwise from Dwala this year and beyond. 

Take a listen to the Dwala Discography on Spotify.

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