Long Overdue

Quintessential Caribbean vibe with Global appeal

Overdue by Erphaan Alves, produced by Lunatix Productions in September 2017, is nearing 6 million streams on Spotify – with a reach of over 115 countries and counting on Apple Music & iTunes.  Six Million streams on Spotify alone since inception means that the song is generating on average over 1.1 million streams per year, just over 3,000 streams per day, every day for the past five years.  This puts Overdue in list of Top 20 streamed Soca songs on Spotify to date.

Although streaming was not prevalent in the Caribbean at the time of its release, the song immediately peaked in his native Trinidad & Tobago at #1 in October 2017 on iTunes (All Genres).  The song would remain on the iTunes (All Genres) chart in Trinidad & Tobago over the better part of the past 5 years, most recently peaking on the chart in April 2022 at #77. Overdue is loved widely throughout the Caribbean and has peaked in the Top 10 in 8 other islands.

Outside of the Caribbean, the song peaked in the Top 50 on iTunes (All Genres) in Finland & Sweden and, it is a go-to song for radio airplay in the UK & US.  Literally across the seas, Madagascar (the largest island nation in the world), home to around 30 million people, streamed Overdue to #3 on Apple Music (Reggae) in April 2021, eventually landing on Apple Music (All Genres) at #110 in Sept 2021 – 4 years after its release. 

The New Year began with Overdue hitting the charts in Malta one of the world’s smallest countries with a population of 500k located in the Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa – nearly 5000 miles and 5.5 years from its similar origins on a small island in the Caribbean. 

Erphaan sings exactly how the world feels about this song and Soca Music in general, ‘You gimme something I crave oh I really need you too’.

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