Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good!

Skinny Fabulous ‘B.A.D (Beyond A Doubt)’ reaches Top 10 on Top Album Chart in several major markets immediately after release.

The album is full of skits and interludes including an Intro where we are introduced to ‘Gamal Doyle also known as Skinny Fabulous’, an ambassador for his home of Saint Vincent & the Grenadines.  He describes himself as being born to do music. 

In just 4 days, his album #BAD has hit the charts on Apple Music and iTunes in over 20 countries – peaking in the Top 20 in more than half of them. Some highlights include:

  • Release Day: Friday, January 13th
    • #1 iTunes (Reggae) in the United States
    • #1 iTunes (Reggae) in Canada
    • #77 iTunes (All Genres) in  Canada
  • January 14th
    • #2 Apple Music (All Genres) in Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
    • #2 iTunes (Reggae) & #2 Deezer Top 200 (Reggae) in Germany
    • #4 Apple Music (All Genres) in Grenada
    • #15 Apple Music (All Genres) in Trinidad & Tobago
    • #18 Apple Music (Reggae) in Luxembourg
    • #15 Apple Music (Reggae) in Netherlands
  • January 15th
    • #7 Apple Music (Reggae) in Canada
    • #7 Apple Music (All Genres) in Dominica
  • January 16th
    • #18 Apple Music (Reggae) in Barbados
    • #41 Apple Music (Reggae) in United Kingdom

Some of the newest releases have taken off like wildfire, including Tek Jam with Nessa Preppy which, in less than a month generated over 60k streams on Spotify – nearly 3k streams per day.  The song also peaked at #1 in both Poland and the Netherlands on iTunes (Reggae) and #6 on the same platform in Canada. Another collaboration, Come Home with Nailah Blackman released on New Year’s Day has wide appeal, as reflected with its placement on iTunes (All Genres); #4 in Trinidad & Tobago & #17 in the Czech Republic.

On the album’s namesake song #BAD, he croons of how “Soca Music does spoil meh…” which is reflected by the song itself already hitting the charts on Apple Music & iTunes in 7 countries, including #15 in Canada,  along with over 2000 streams on Spotify in just 4 days. 

It appears that Skinny Fabulous has every intention of spoiling Soca lovers with this jam packed 23-track album filled with skits and hits. Take a listen below.

Album Credits: Distributed by Monk Music Group & DSM Music Group.  Mixed and Mastered by Parry Jack.

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