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Knowing your Listener-to-follower ratio is key

According to Adam Gross, President of Ineffable Records a division of Ineffable Music Group, the most important statistic on Spotify is your ratio of Monthly Listeners to Followers. Also known as the Spotify follower ratio, to the labels, this is an indicator of the bankability of an artist. 

Spotify followers ÷ Spotify monthly listeners = Listener-to-follower ratio

Spotify Followers are people who click and ‘want to follow you’ as opposed to Spotify Monthly Listeners who are people who have listened to some portion of your music over the month.  While many are eager to share the vanity metrics showing millions of Spotify streams for any given song, the most important part of the Artist’s journey is actually building a strong community that loves and supports your music (by streaming/purchasing). 

In general, the closer the ratio is to 1 the better. This ratio provides a unique look into the data and shows that while Monthly Listeners can be variable over time (going up and down) – the followers should be consistently going up as you build your engagement and, according to Adam when people click follow it is “an indicator that they want to hear more from you in the future”.  This ratio should be monitored over time to understand the trends in the artist’s growth and fan engagement. 

Labels are looking at people who have a lot of followers and have a #sticky fan base (meaning that a healthy Listener-To-Follower Ratio is between 0.1 and 1) – they know your fans love you and want to hear more from you. The goal is then to continue to increase your followers while remaining sticky.

He went on to use Collie Buddz (1.6M Monthly Listeners to 373k followers) = 0.23 as an excellent ratio, labeling Collie Buddz as #sticky.  Using this as a benchmark, we reviewed a few Soca Artists that have over 25,000 Spotify followers and are at least as #sticky as Collie Buddz.

We also looked at a few other Listener-to-Follower Ratios – for more established mainstream Artists:

If we look at any of these it means that for Rihanna nearly 75% of the people listening are also following.  This is the important step of converting people from persons who consume your content into an actual fans (followers) on a streaming platform.  The fans are the most important part of your music career; they are the ones taking action by spending their money on your work.

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